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      Change the World,Change Ourselves
      Good evening, Honorable judges, Ladies and gentlemen.
      It’s my great pleasure to stand here to present my speech—Change the World,Change Ourselves
      It’s noticable that western holidays are becoming increasingly popular day by day, while chinese traditional festivals are being somewhat neglected. Not long before about 10 doctors in beijing university and qinghua unversity announced that we should reject the invasion of western holidays ,because they regard western holidays as an challenge against our traditional festivals and culture.
      Frankly speaking, i don't quite agree with them.Indeed, we should never neglect or even discard our traditonal festivals as china boasts a brilliant history and splendid traditions. (examples).But why can't we absorb the meaningful western holidays and culture.
      There are obvious reasons why some western holidays are so popular in china. On the one hand, some of the western holidays which we chinese don't have are reasonable and meaningful, such as father's day and april fool's day etc. On the other hand,the prevalence of globalization enables western culture to prevail in china. Overwhelmed by such a trend,chinese unconsiciously get involved in western holidays and culture.
      With the further development of the whole world, the cultural communication between different countries and nations becomes faster and more and more important. We are indeed from different nations, but we are the citizens of the same world, so the outstanding culture of different nations is the commom wealth of everyone on the earth.The only way for us to protect our traditional culture is to reject the foreign culture? The answer is definitely no. What we ought to do is to spare no effort to educate chinese to get to know and treasure our splendid traditions instead of rejecting foreign culture. Only by educating can we set our confidence and belief towards our culture. Only by educating can we play a really important role in the world. 大學英語演講稿
      我很高興站在這里發表我的演講 - 改變世界,改變我們自己
      坦率地說,我不太同意他們。事實上,我們不應該忽視甚至遺棄我們的傳統節日,因為中國擁有絢爛的歷史和璀璨的傳統。 (例子)。但為什么我們不能吸取故意義的西方節日和文化。
      聲音和腔調。吐詞清楚,要讓觀眾聽清觀點,整場演講不可沒有節奏變化和音調變化。 大學英語演講稿
      Good evening,ladies and gentlemen,distinguished guests and honorable judges:
      I’m Li Dawei from Class 9, Grade 2. It is my great honour to share my viewpoints on Culture Smart and Science Intelligence with all of dear audience present.
      As is known to us all that our contemporary lives and the society in current are undergoing profound changes with the promoting development of science and technology. However, have we realized the estrange and departure of our culture against the background on which the positive achievements have been brought by science and technology. Which course should we take in culture smart and science intelligence as the issue on social development is concerned in the process of ultrahigh-speeded urbanization? My viewpoint is clear an firm, that is the cultue smart.
      It is generally accepted by the broad mass that science and technology take the supreme lead of the productivity. No achievements nurtured by civilization in our contemporary society can be created without the development of science and technology and the society will fall to its stagnant pace. Thanks to the progress made by the advancing science and technology, especially the development of intelligentization, schemed out by robots, unmanned driving and digital platform, offers great convienience to both the production and daily lives of human beings and promotes the social progress.
      But under no circumstances should we admit that a series of problems on environment and social ethics concerning environment pollution, ozonocavity, greenhouse effect, colon human and nuclear deterrent occurred against the prosperity carried out by science and technology. So how can we spare no effort on keeping such problems from deterioration in all possibilities? What development pattern will be on science and technology in future?
      The answer is that we need the guidance of culture smart. When we talk about culture, we may regard it as the tradition and history, but how can the intelligentization of science and technology be guided by the culture smart? Here I want to put it that culture is not like a pond filled with stagnant water, but a dynamic system. We can never draw a conclusion of culture as “the deposit of history”, what’s more, we should make it clear that the culture defines our present and future. Modernization, of any kind or shape, shares no alteration on its starting point but the commencement of culture. If not the modernization will inevitably fall to the situation where the water has no source and the tree has no root. The development of science and technology takes no exception on this.
      The ultrahigh speed of the development of contemporary science and technology contributes no efforts on science and technology itself, but the ideological motivation and the promotion spurred by the ideological power offerd by culture smart. Karl Poopper once said, the elimination of culture leads to the disappearance of civilization. It is obviously that if the promotion effect had been omitted, the science and technology could have been far-reached.
      The culture smart guides our society into stability and prosperity. We need culture smart because on the one hand, culture provides ideological power to science and technology, on the other hand, culture prevents the tendency of extremity of science and technology. The current problem concerning colon human, outerspace utilitization and nuclear weapon byproducted by contemporary science and technology call for the development in a just course on the sphere of culture. The wisdom-vacanted culture and the extremized science and technology will throw a great threat to the survival of us human beings and the world peace.
      So, ladies and gentlemen, I think that the culture wisdom is our “root” and we need the root that supports our belief, the negation of the root casts its reflections on history and the existence of us human beings. So only in the manner of settling on the basis of culture smart can we make it helpful to the development of science and technology in a just course, the continual progress of human society, the prosperity and peace.



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